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Daily Meditation: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Use kindness the foundation of your life - a rule from Master Peter Deunov

Master Peter Deunov gave the following rule: ‘Use kindness as the basis of your life, justice as balance, wisdom as limit, love as delight, and truth as light.’ If we think deeply about this rule, we will find it extremely instructive. Kindness is the only solid basis on which to build a structure; even if this edifice is beautiful and intelligent, it will collapse if kindness, this benevolence we are capable of showing to all beings, does not support it. Justice is a quality of balance; to be fair, as illustrated by scales, is knowing how to keep things in balance at all times: don’t weigh only on one tray, but make sure a little is added on one side, while a little is subtracted from the other. Wisdom is a limit, a barrier; that can protect us from external and internal enemies which threaten us. Love gives us a taste for things; even if we have riches, knowledge and fame, how insipid life would seem without love! Truth is the light that illuminates our path; thanks to which we move ahead without the risk of losing our way or falling.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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