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Methods & practices
in a spiritual work - #4

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Each principle aspires to an ideal ... Each principle needs food, needs to be nourished, strengthened and fortified in order to attain its ideal, and we must give it what it needs so that it may continue to manifest itself...we have to pay a price for this nourishment... and we have to do a work in order to earn the currency with which to pay.

Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 2
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Intellect - Meditation - Light

 In order to live in the present moment, men and women must learn to stop, to pause and no longer allow themselves to be carried along by the tide of events and the inner states that these create. Life is just one continual flow, but you have to find the way to stop so as to bring in a little order and attune to more harmonious rhythms. This is where meditation is so essential. To meditate is to slow down the headlong march of time so as to introduce an inner rhythm, peace and light which will leave their imprint for a long time to come.

                 Sunrise Meditations
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 The Powers of Thought            Looking into the Invisible - Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams
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The Key to the Problems of Existence      On the Art of Teaching, from the Initiatic Point of View (3)
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