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in a spiritual work

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The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov always insisted on the importance of having some spiritual Methods and Exercises to guide and control you for improving your life:

"The only knowledge that interests me is knowledge people can put into practice; therefore, what I will tell you will find immediate application in your daily lives..."


 Freedom, the Spirit Triumphant
Chapter I - Man's psychic structure
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 Know Thyself:  Jnana Yoga - Part 2

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 To start with, some methods and exercices are proposed for the 6 levels related to the synoptic table with corresponding books:


Physical body - Nutrition
People think it is what you eat that is of first importance. No, food is only a means. It is not so much what you eat as the way you eat that is important. Eat whatever you want, but eat it correctly and in reasonable amounts and you will stay well. You must not think that fatigue is always the result of overwork. It is very often caused by a waste of energy, and you are wasting energy when you swallow your food without chewing it properly and without having impregnated it with your thoughts and feelings, for it is more indigestible and much more difficult to assimilate.


Will - Respiration - Movement & Gymnastic
Magic is contained in our gestures: without realizing it, man makes magic – very often, black magic – with every gesture, grimace, look or word... with his whole behaviour.

The exercises are magical gestures, works of white magic... If you carry them out consciously and attentively you will obtain marvellous results for your health and every aspect of your personal equilibrium.
By respiration, you can also draw into yourself substances, forces, and particles from the world above, such as light, peace, and an abundance of life-giving elements.

Heart - Love - Music
Angelic beings appreciate harmony and are attracted by music and singing...Sounds, whether instrumental or vocal, have enormous power because the vibrations they produce are so strong. We must, therefore, become aware of the power of music and find out how we can use its vibrations, which when amplified by the feelings of those who are playing or listening create a conducive atmosphere for beings of light to visit us.
What does it mean to live with love? It simply means breathing, eating, walking, looking, listening with love. You think you know all that… Well, you don’t. To live with love is to rise to that state of consciousness that brings harmony to your thoughts, feelings and actions and keeps you in balance.

Intellect - Meditation - Light
In order to live in the present moment men and women must learn to stop, to pause and no longer allow themselves to be carried along by the tide of events and the inner states that these create. Life is just one continual flow, but you have to find the way to stop so as to bring in a little order and attune to more harmonious rhythms. This is where meditation is so essential. To meditate is to slow down the headlong march of time so as to introduce an inner rhythm, peace and light which will leave their imprint for a long time to come.

Soul - Immensity
Here is an exercise you can do. Imagine yourself leaving your body and rising towards heaven… As you rise, you expand into infinite space and merge with the universal Soul. Even if you seem to disappear and are no longer conscious of yourself, do not be concerned, for at the same time that you dissolve in space, the divine spirit descends in you. It makes its home in you so it can work, and it speaks, acts and manifests through you. You will say: ‘But what will become of me if I am no longer myself?’ In reality, you will always be yourself. You will not lose your identity; you will simply have found your true Self.



Spirit - Eternity

Identification is a spiritual practice based on the knowledge of a physical law: the law of resonance. If you are able to be in tune with another being, not only will you know them, but their qualities will communicate themselves to you.
In the morning, when you witness the sunrise, be alert to capturing the first ray, for your whole day depends on the state in which you receive it. When the first ray appears, you should have already made your connection to the sun, so you can feel your higher Self as part of it, as one of its flames. And as your higher Self lives in the sun, this means you also live there, you bathe in its light, and by merging with the cosmic force emanating from it you are regenerated.

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