Spiritual Singing and Music - #1

"The angels and all the heavenly beings live in harmony, which is why they are said to be attracted to music and singing. This belief has its origins in very ancient times. However far back you go in human history, you find that music and singing have accompanied sacred ceremonies. The heavenly entities love music because they themselves are music. This is why so many painters, when wanting to convey this reality, have depicted paradise as filled with shining creatures singing and playing all kinds of instruments – harps, lyres, flutes, trumpets… The sounds made by instruments or voices have immense power over our psychic and spiritual bodies because of the intensity of the vibrations produced. So it is important that we become aware of the effect music can have. And once we are aware of this, we must find out how to make use of all these vibrations, because when they are amplified by the feelings of those who are producing them or those who are listening to them they create an atmosphere that angelic creatures are more likely to come to."

 Being a home for heavenly entities

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"When we perform mystic songs with an awareness of their power and with the desire to harmonize with the cosmic order, we attract angels. They come close and say, ‘Here is a suitable place for us.’ They come to settle in the higher regions of our brain, also bringing their instruments – their violins and harps – and they mingle with our voices. Then, when the dark entities that are still hanging about sense the presence of such royal visitors, they understand there is no longer a place for them, and they leave.
I remember a time in Bulgaria when there were still street musicians and singers in the towns and villages. Passers-by would give them a few coins, and sometimes, also, a window would open, and the face of a pretty young girl would appear, smiling as she threw them coins. This is an image of what happens in the spiritual world. We sing beneath the windows of heaven’s palaces, and the angels throw down coins of joy and light."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov





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