Spiritual Singing and Music - #2

"Some people claim they cannot listen to music, that they do not understand it. But what does this mean? It is not comprehension that counts in music, but the sensations you experience as a result of its vibrations, of the musical harmony. Do we understand birdsong, the murmuring of springs or streams, or the rustling of the wind in the branches? No, but we are captivated and filled with wonder, and it is this which is essential. For the same reasons, it is always better to sing songs in their original language; even if we do not understand their meaning. There is a relationship between the words and music, which is destroyed in translation. Music is not created to be understood, but to be felt. Even when it is accompanied by words, the meaning of these words is secondary. So study carefully the states which music evokes in you, and use them for your spiritual work."

When we all sing together...

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"In an initiatic school, music, and especially singing, has a great role to play. While we are singing we ourselves are the instrument producing the sounds, so singing has very powerful effects on us, on our physical body and on our subtle bodies. Through singing we emit waves, currents of force that create forms within us. That’s why it is so important to rediscover the mystical role of singing, by concentrating our whole attention not only on the melody but also on the words. And above all, we must know how to choose what songs we sing. Words are the creator of worlds, and these worlds may remain in existence for a very long time; you cannot know how long the effects of a word will last. Never underestimate the effects of music, and especially singing."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


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