The beneficial presence of the Sun - 5

The meaning and the role of the Sun in a spiritual work

"Do you wish to find balance and peace? Strive each day to connect with your divine centre. Every particle of your being and all the energies moving within you will then begin to revolve around this divine centre, finding harmony and order in relation to it."



Outer Sun,
Inner Sun

Harmony is linked
with the vision of the Center

"The secret of spiritual life lies in bringing back together the numerous disparate elements that have scattered in all directions and making them revolve around your inner sun, just as the planets revolve around the cosmic sun. Then, yes, you can speak of order, harmony and peace, and you can speak of the kingdom of God, because there is a centre, a sun, a core, around which all other elements find their place and discover the path they are meant to follow.'
Disciples of a spiritual teaching have a means for judging whether they are progressing along the evolutionary path, which is that they become increasingly sensitive to the rays of the rising sun; they feel that the sun’s rays are speaking to them, bringing them lucidity, clarity, peace and joy… Yes, the sun’s rays can plunge their heart and soul into ecstasy. But it all depends on their level of consciousness."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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