Our Aura is our best Protection - #2

"On the other hand, the aura can be compared to the earth’s atmosphere. Yes, the comparison is extraordinarily revealing. The earth is surrounded by a protective screen: its skin. The earth’s skin, or atmosphere, is a great deal thicker than ours, that’s true, but it serves exactly the same purpose. Think of all the meteors and particles  …. hurtling through space which would collide with our planet with catastrophic results if it were not for the atmosphere which causes them to burn up and disintegrate before they reach the earth. And the atmosphere protects us from still other dangers: certain cosmic rays, for instance, which would be deadly for us if they were not neutralized by certain chemical elements contained in the different layers of the atmosphere."

A powerful aura acts as a barrier to shield you

"Now, suppose there are certain negative, harmful influences at large in the world: if your aura is very powerful and very luminous, those negative influences will be unable to reach your consciousness or to upset or harm you. Why? Because before they can get to you they come up against your aura, and your aura is an impenetrable barrier. It is like a wall, or if you prefer, like a customs house at the frontier between two countries, which allow no one through without first inspecting their trunks, suitcases and handbags.

A powerful aura is the best form of protection; it acts as a barrier to shield you from all negative currents and anything that could distress you. To have a strong aura like that is to be in a fortress; when others all around are ill, alarmed and distressed, a person with a strong aura is never discouraged, never loses their  love, because they feel the luminous presence which dwells in them and makes them capable of helping others."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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