Our Aura is our best Protection - #3

"Your aura can serve to attract the attention of heavenly entities, but it can also give you access to the regions in which those entities dwell. When you want to visit certain places you need a special pass or visa. this is true on the physical plane and it is equally true on the spiritual plane. If you want a permission to enter certain regions of the invisible world you must have a pass, and that pass is your aura, the colours of your aura."

Aura is a pass for your spiritual work

The colours it contains are like so many passes for the corresponding regions, and the spiritual entities of those regions invite you in and come to your help.
A prism can be a great help in this by giving you an accurate idea of the seven colours, for those one sees in nature, in flowers or birds, for instance, are never exactly the colours of sunlight. Whereas with a prism you can see the true colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Then you can imagine that you see all these colours flowing out from you and spreading throughout space;  picture yourself bathed in that

"This means that in order to gain admittance to a particular region your aura must contain the special colours of that region. If, for instance, your aura is rich in golden yellow, you will be allowed into nature’s libraries and all her secrets will be revealed to you. the blue of your aura will take you to the region of music or religion; red will give you entry to the region in which you will find the very essence of vitality. So it is the quality of your aura which determines whether or not you gain admittance to the invisible world.


light, in all those glorious  colours; imagine that you are surrounded by a luminous sphere and that you are sending your love out into the whole wide universe. One can get so much delight from exercises like this that it is quite possible that once you have begun you will never want to stop."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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