Our Aura is our best Protection - #4

"The essential condition for enhancing the intensity, purity and power of your aura, is that you have the lofty ideal of working towards your own perfection, of doing only what is just and noble, of harbouring only the purest thoughts and feelings. The condition and quality of the aura, its purity and transparency, depend also on the way a person lives."


How should you go about this work on your aura?

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"There are a great many ways in which you can use the aura and the seven colours. You can do all these exercises with light and colour when you go up to watch the sunrise in the morning. Looking at the sun and its aura and all the colours pouring from it into space, say to yourself, ‘I want to be like the sun. I, too, want to be surrounded by rays of golden light’ or blue or purple or green light, as you please. And then, spend a long time steeping yourself in the splendour of those colours; contemplate them, picture them reaching out far, far away, so that every living creature is bathed in this marvellous atmosphere, swimming in light, drenched in light.


"Another method for working on your aura is by concentrating all your efforts on acquiring the virtues of purity, patience, forbearance, generosity, hope, faith, humility, justice and selflessness. This second method is certainly the safest: your work is to cultivate these virtues and it is they which form your aura. Of course, you can combine both methods, and that is even better."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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>>> The Aura can be compared to the Skin
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