A Belief in Reincarnation
in the Initiatic Sience:

A Cornerstone of Cosmic Law

The universe is governed by the Law of cause and effect. Each act and each event is a cause leading to a consequence, and each act and each event is itself the consequence of a cause. So cause and effect are inextricably linked, but a human life is too short for us to observe this immense succession of cause and effect at play. Just as today we see events which are the consequence of causes we do not know because they occurred well before our present lifetime, so too we cannot foresee the distant consequences of certain events taking place now. So at present we find ourselves faced with situations some of which are causes and some of which are effects, which is why the meaning of so many events eludes us.

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As for reincarnation, it is really only a specific aspect of this law of cause and effect. As people’s lives do not end when they leave the earth, not only do the consequences of their actions follow them into the world beyond, but when they reincarnate again these consequences remain alive and active. So we cannot claim that such-and-such a person does not deserve the good conditions they enjoy in this life and that someone else does not deserve to be the victim of injustice, because we know nothing of their previous incarnations. As long as people do not acknowledge Reincarnation, they will understand nothing of divine justice.

by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


The lost Doctrine revealed

By rejeting the concept of reincarnation and by refusing to teach it, Christianity is preventing people from understanding divine justice and the way in which it manifests itself. It comes as no surprise therefore, that everything consequently seems senseless...                      

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Master your destiny
and reclaim your freedom:

The Promise of Reincarnation

Each event in life has an explanation, but this only becomes understandable if you accept the idea of reincarnation. It is not by chance you are born in a particular country, into a particular family, with particular qualities and particular situations to confront. There is a cause for everything, recent or not so recent, in this life or a previous one...
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Have you noticed Reincarnation
is visible in the cycles of Nature?

Human destiny resembles the perpetual movements of water between heaven and earth.  At the source of a river in the mountains, the water springs forth pure and crystal clear. As it descends, it collects dirt and wastes from the regions it crosses, and when it reaches the ocean, it is saturated with impurities.
But soon, warmed by the sun’s rays, it is transformed into steam ...                                

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